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5/5 Rating average Published on 07/05/2024

ech hun schon puer mol bestallt an den Burger war emmer gudd, jo bon matt den fritten ass halt net einfach vir dei dann nach ze liweren mais daat wichtegst den Burger ass emmer mega. Des Keier war et soguer mei wei mega. einfach perfekt. Weider sou :)

1/5 Rating average Published on 01/04/2024

the burger had a strong strange smell, I could not eat it.

2/5 Rating average Published on 16/03/2024

the burger was really badly prepared, worse than usual, the gluten free bun was completely cold and hard and tasted like sponge, there was no proper sauce in the burger just ketchup and too much mustard and very bad quality

1/5 Rating average Published on 07/03/2024

Le big smash burguer était horrible. Les burguer trop fin, j’ai commandé avec onion mais ils ont oublié et sans sauce mais il avais de la sauce est trop piquante. J’ai commander avec pain sans gluten mais le pain pas bon du tout, il doit venir d’un sachet ouvert il y’a des jour. Je commande souvent et aujourd’hui ça était vraiment horrible.

2/5 Rating average Published on 23/02/2024

Je m’attends à un Burger qui soit parfait. L’ensemble manque de finition. Le burger chili Cheese est bon, sans plus. Les frites sont froides et bourratives. Les nuggets sont faits avec du poulet de qualité mais l’ensemble des plats manquent d’assaisonnement et de la petite touche supplémentaire pour dire Whaouuuuu. Pour le prix, c’est cher payé. Dommage.

3/5 Rating average Published on 14/02/2024

I ordered bbq sauce,but got "ketjep" or ketchup instead! Also, the fries are a little bit soggy, they could be a bit crispier.

5/5 Rating average Published on 06/02/2024

fries could’ve been more golden, besides that everything perfect!!

2/5 Rating average Published on 29/01/2024

The order came incomplete as was missing fries. While the Letzeburger advised to contact Wedely delivery driver who of course was unable to pick up the missing food.

4/5 Rating average Published on 27/01/2024

Ist zur perfekten zeit angekommen

2/5 Rating average Published on 26/01/2024

Size of the burger patty keeps reducing, scandalous for the price of the burger. They have the smallest buns from the competition, and the burger was invisible today even in these small buns, we ate only bread basically. Longest time to deliver also, from one of the favorite places it is now at the bottom, absolutely not worth any more. The fries taste often like leftovers, you can tell they r not freshly done, but at least the burger was good. Now the burger is ridiculously small and tastes only bread, even McDonald is better