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1/5 Rating average Published on 28/05/2023

Pad Thai was ok, but lacked some taste/salt. The biggest problem was that I ordered a 7€ dessert, and was sent 2 cans of coke instead. I don’t drink coke. I checked my order online and on the receipt, and indeed I ordered my dessert and no coke. If they didn’t have the mochi, they could’ve called me and asked what to send as replacement or reimburse me or even give me a voucher for the amount I had spent. I’m very upset that I was looking forward to my dessert, only to find 2 cans of coke instead, without as much as an apology.

1/5 Rating average Published on 23/05/2023

We didn't get the complete order, the sorbet was missing. We have tried to reach them 6 times without success

5/5 Rating average Published on 23/04/2023

Hi The ice cream is missing in my commande. And the restaurant is close now. Thanks to make the necessary. Regards

2/5 Rating average Published on 21/04/2023

The food was okay but they forgot something in my order. Reading other reviews, guess I’m not the only one… I would like a refund for the missed items in any case!

5/5 Rating average Published on 11/04/2023

One ordered salad was missing, can happen, but please improve your internal checks before handing over the order to the delivery person!

1/5 Rating average Published on 03/04/2023

It taste really bad!!!!

1/5 Rating average Published on 03/04/2023

Je pas reçu la totalité de la commande

3/5 Rating average Published on 02/04/2023

I ordered the Pad Thai which I have had in store as sit down before. The order I received was very dry with very little sauce and any sauce that was added had not been worked through the noodles. The order I received in store was significantly better.

5/5 Rating average Published on 30/03/2023

Great food and great delivery service! Many thanks!

1/5 Rating average Published on 21/02/2023

Wrong order delivered. Ordered three different dishes and received two the same while the third dish was simply noodles and salad and was missing the tofu plus the extra ingredients I had ordered and paid for.